I sometimes see the phrase "that being said" và I wish khổng lồ know a little more about it. Especially, when & how can we use this phrase?

Is there a difference if we shorten it to "that said"? In what cases are we allowed to vị it?

Is it possible khổng lồ say the following:

With that being said, I left the room.While that being said, I was driving.In that being said, I jumped off the roof.As that being said made me fall lớn my knees and cry.That being said, she locked the door and turned off the light.

That being said, that said, having said that all act as segues to a statement which reverses the spin, so khổng lồ speak, on what has just been said.

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We should treat all students with tolerance & understanding. That being said, a student who engages in threatening or violent behavior should be expviagrapricewww.comed from the school. We cannot tolerate such aggression.

In the sentence above, "That being said" could be replaced with "That said" or "Having said that" without change of meaning.

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P.S. The preposition with would be OK with "that being said" & "that said" but not really with "having said that". You cannot use while because while goes with something ongoing, whereas this construction, with past participle said, refers lớn an act completed.

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The use of "that being said" indicates an upcoming caveat, an exception to what has been said, & may be accompanied by an intonation that indicates the speaker intends khổng lồ make a strong remark, an emphatic remark.

For example,

1908 Manitoba Morning miễn phí Press (Electronic text) 1 Aug., The story of Sir James Douglas might have been told in smaller compass… That being said, James Douglas certainly deserved a place among the makers of Canada. (source: Language Log at U Penn)

At least that"s how it used to be used. I have heard people use it recently simply khổng lồ mean "in conclusion", or, in a Toastmasters club meeting, "With that being said, I"ll return the floor to lớn the Toastmaster." I find this use tiresome - it"s language bloat! "That being said" has a purpose, and it is not to lớn say "I just said something."

Read the considerable discussion on "that said" here: http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/?p=1807

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That being said means in spite of what was just said.

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