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If we wish khổng lồ tell somebody toàn thân we have sầu noted the contents of their text message, which version should we use? Noted. Thanks. ORNoted with thanks. Thanks.
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tharPosted: Wednesday, August 31, năm 2016 8:02:38 AM
The second sounds much better. Noted, with thanks.Noted. Thanks. - that is very terse, sharp & short. It sounds impolite. Of course most people won"t take it as rude - they will have sầu lớn be very touchy to take it badly - but since you asked, that is my opinion.I don"t know if people commonly use "noted"? It sounds a bit like you are saying "yes, I read your input, but I am going lớn ignore it." Maybe that interpretation is just me being over-sensitive!

Thanks, thar.Noted, with thanks.I notice you have sầu inserted a comma after "Noted". It"s obligatory, isn"t it?
Maybe I"m a bit "touchy" too, but I agree with thar.

Bạn đang xem: How do you reply to noted?

It seems a bit lượt thích the phrase which seemed lớn become popular briefly a year or two ago - "I heard you." (which does NOT mean "I understand" or "I"ll rethành viên what you said.")It would be much more to lớn my taste to say something like "Thanks for the data/report/message." or even "Thanks, I"ll take note."To take note of something is to make a deliberate mental note - "I must remember that."To note something can be either khổng lồ just perceive sầu it (notice that it exists) or to lớn pay attention to it. The main meaning is just "to notice"."Noted." - "I noticed that you said that."vb (tr; may take a clause as object)19. khổng lồ notice; perceive: he noted that there was a man in the shadows.trăng tròn. khổng lồ pay cthất bại attention to; observe: they noted every movement. Collins English Dictionary.In the American dictionaries, this distinction is not shown.**********On the comma, I feel it could be said either way (with or without a pause).
Koh -For what it"s worth:I only ever use it in internal emails or tweets. To me "noted" means I did actually NOTE the conversation - either just in my head or literally. I read it & then I wrote the details in my diary. Or whatever.If I just saw a pop-up telling me "X has messaged you", then I say "Received, with thanks."Thar & Drago - yeah, well, out of context it DOES sound curt & rude to us, you"re entirely right. But when the whole place is buzzing và you"re doing 3 things at once brevity is practical. All Ned from Events wants to know is did everyone get the details of the summer programme. Now a simple "yes" WOULD sound rude - but he just wants khổng lồ know did everybody get it, or was the mailing danh sách incorrect?So, in shorthand, we tell him the communication arrived và we appreciate all the time & trouble it took khổng lồ compile it and sover it out with a dodgy mailing list lớn complicate things: "Noted. Thanks" And don"t forget tweets only have sầu 140 characters.(Well anyway, that thur"s moi story, an I be sticking wi"it)
. . .Well, I"ve sầu never tweeted in my life, except when talking khổng lồ my budgie (budgerigar).My phone often complains "Two pages - continue?" when I text.So I"m obviously the wrong one to have sầu answered this.Still, if I were being very "short" và in a rush, I"d probably type "Got it, thanks." which is a key-stroke longer than "Noted, thanks."
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