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The Last of Us PC Download is nothing “friendly” as in Uncharted: everything is more cruel, hard, merciless and bleak, not worth khổng lồ reflect a world in which there are no friends, & the rules of the past already.

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An appalling world in which both the infected & other survivors are the enemy khổng lồ beat to get scarce resources & to keep on living. In sum, the more raw and inhuman atmosphere you’ve ever seen in a trò chơi with “infected”.The Last of Us takes place in a hypothetical reality mix in the future, đôi mươi years later in time. A variant of the fungus cordyceps has mutated and, now, their spores vày affect human beings, something that a đài truyền hình bbc documentary showed that it is already happening with a species of Ant. These spores, in the case of ants, modifying their appearance & behavior, making them more violent. And the game starts with the premise that this mutation has begun khổng lồ affect the human being…The fungus settles in the head, và after a period of mutation, bursts it from inside but unfinished with the carrier.

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During all phases of this mutation, the infected is hostile tremendously, although the first is more agile và keeps your senses (you can see us, they run… in this stage are known as “runners”), while the most advanced, are blind and somewhat slower but much more lethal (at this stage are known as chasqueadores).There is a Variant that we will not detail so that you bring you the surprise by playing, only lớn say that, basically, vị the times of “final boss” on three counted areas in the game & are the hardest nut to lớn crack. There are more types of infected, but no matter: our worst enemy will always be other humans, as we will discover soon well in the adventure. As we have already warned, it is a world without mercy and each will vì chưng what you can lớn keep on living, even ending the neighbor…It is not more khổng lồ warn whenever there are that, at first, the advance may be a little slow, away from the frantic development of, for example, an Uncharted. But as we move, will learning khổng lồ distract enemies by throwing objects in the other direction, to use bladed weapons melee, to create new artifacts (molotov cocktails, explosive cans…) & are gaining access lớn new weapons (rifle, bow, shotgun, flamethrower…), the range of possibilities is growing, và with it, our strategies are diversified.As in the case of the zombies, a simple snack of someone infected begins the process of mutation, which ends with a pandemic và chilling performance: in trăng tròn years, more than half of the world’s population has killed or mutated because of these spores or their effects. And not only that: the survivors take refuge in ciudades-gueto, protected by scarce military forces that remain, malviviendo as best they can. Rationing primers are the basis of this new world, where the rats are a precious asset.Even in this situation of chaos, humanity manages khổng lồ agree: in cities already is has abandoned the possibility of finding a cure, while that one faction “rebel”, baptized as the Firefly, fighting against that view of the world. & there’s more: there is another faction, nicknamed “hunters”, who have become strong in some areas and are dedicated khổng lồ ending the other survivors to lớn stay with their scarce goods (clothes, food…). The Last of Us tải về PC version right below!

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