There are three basic types of bidding:

+ Direct bidding: brokers meet through an intermediary at a trading counter in an exchange.

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+ Indirect bidding: brokers vì chưng not directly meet each other in the exchange. In this case, the securities companies regularly announce the highest price that is ready khổng lồ buy and the lowest available price for each type of securities that the company issues.

Automatic bidding: evaluation through a computer system that connects the server of the Stock Exchange khổng lồ the system of member securities companies.

3. But what is the fundamental requirement to lớn maintain a sustainable market?

Stocks & securities are the intangible và abstract goods so the stock market must be built based on a good, transparent, responsive and accessible information system.

The Stock Exchange publishes the necessary information on the transactions in the market. The issuing & listing organization are obliged to disclose publicly regular và irregular information (annual financial information of the company, unexpected events occurring lớn the company, holds shares of directors, managers và major shareholders)

Beside the 3 main operating principles, there are a few additional ones:

4. Lượt thích any other types of market, competition is important khổng lồ increase efficiency in the stock market.

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According lớn this principle, the prices in the market reflects the law of supply and demand và shows the competitive correlation between firms.

In the primary market, the issuers compete with each other lớn sell the shares lớn investors. Investors have the freedom to buy the stock shares based on their own interests.

In the secondary market, the investors compete freely in order to get the highest profits, và the prices are set by the bidding method.

 5. Where vày sellers và buyers reach a deal?

Transactions in the stock market are only executed on Stock Exchanges and on the OTC market under the supervision of government authorities and self-governing organizations.