Nessaj the Chaos Knight has silently snuchồng his way into the Dota 2 pub metagame. As of the time of writing, his win rate in the Divine và Immortal bracket stands at around 53.2 percent according to Dotabuff. This is enough to give hyên ổn the 12th highest win rate at the top level of public matchmaking.

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A hellish champion of mayhem, Chaos Knight is a reliable core piông chồng in Dota 2 pubs. (Image courtesy Valve)

By most indications, this win rate makes Chaos Knight one of the most reliable core picks at high MMR. His playstyle has remained more or less the same over the years, relying mostly on his extreme single target damage lớn delete key heroes in the bliên kết of an eye with his Phantasm (R) illusions. A ton of buffs over the last several patches have only helped hlặng in this regard.

Fancy a go at sowing chaos yourself on the battlefield? Read on to lớn learn how to lớn harness mayhem and havoc lớn vanquish your enemies in Dota 2!

What Makes Chaos Tick

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of this nhân vật guide, it’s important lớn discuss what makes Chaos Knight so strong. Understanding his strengths will make the game plan and why it works a lot clearer, which helps with the execution thereof in turn.

Reality Rift và Blink Dagger

Reality Rift has always been one of Chaos Knight’s most important abilities, primarily because it instantly pulls all of his active sầu illusions towards the target. This makes surrounding and bursting them down way easier, and prevents enemy heroes from simply kiting Nessaj and his illusions.

The ability itself actually used to have sầu an “illusion tìm kiếm radius” of 1,375 units. Bachồng then, any illusions outside this radius upon cast would not be pulled in, making it impossible lớn use Phantasm alongside Bliên kết Dagger. The tìm kiếm radius was removed entirely in an undocumented change, making it so that the spell pulls illusions no matter where they are on the bản đồ.

In turn, this makes it possible for Chaos Knight to cast Phantasm out of sight, leave the illusions behind, then blink onlớn an unsuspecting target. The critical strikes from Chaos Strike are typically more than enough khổng lồ erase supports this way, granting Chaos Knight and his team an immediate teamfight advantage.

Scepter & Shard

There’s also his Aghanim’s Scepter và Aghanim’s Shard upgrades — both of which are crazy strong if we’re being honest. The Scepter nâng cấp practically doubles his team’s damage output, given that Phantasm illusions deal 100 percent damage. Sieging high ground becomes ridiculously easy with so many illusions in play.

The Shard is just fantastic as well, và there’s no reason not lớn get it in every game. Having an illusion hitting the Chaos Bolt target for six seconds almost entirely unabated is frankly nuts. The cast range bonus is also very welcome, making Chaos Bolt more reliable overall.

Controlling Pandemonium

Though Chaos Knight has a slightly more complex game plan compared lớn other carries, his playstyle isn’t difficult to master at all. The learning curve is a bit steep but can be overcome after several games of practice

Laning Phase

The first thing to note is that Chaos Knight is primarily played as a safe lane carry, which means that farming is the name of the game for the most part. You’ll want to lớn play to pull the lane baông chồng to lớn your tower, making sure to play mostly safe in order khổng lồ get your early items quickly. This absolutely does not mean however that Chaos Knight is unable lớn go for kills in the lane.

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With the right offensive sầu tư vấn by your side (i.e. Crystal Maiden, Shadow Shaman, Grimstroke, etc), both Chaos Bolt & Reality Rift can help you score early kills and quickly capture momentum. All the while, you’ll want to lớn rush Power nguồn Treads & Armlet of Mordiggian. We recommend buying the Gloves of Haste first, as the bonus attaông chồng tốc độ just makes you a lot stronger in the lane. Chaos Knight has more than enough base movement speed anyway.

Mid Game

Once you have both of these items, it’s time to run around và kill people. You’ll want to coordinate with your team to mix up ganks on supports as often as possible, using Phantasm whenever it’s off cooldown. Rethành viên that Phantasm only has a 75-second cooldown, which was reduced from 125 several patches ago. This makes it very spammable, especially when it comes lớn ganking in between farming.

If your team isn’t quite mix up to fight often, though, Phantasm can be used to lớn accelerate your farm in the jungle or push out lanes. The latter is especially important, as it keeps your opponents honest and helps you apply pressure without having lớn commit too much. Just sending your Phantasm illusions khổng lồ push waves or hit towers is enough khổng lồ force a response most times.

Your vật phẩm progression at this stage should be Sange & Yasha inlớn Black King Bar. Both items will help you ramp up in strength significantly và make you harder to lớn loông xã down overall. Make sure lớn also get the Aghanim’s Shard when it’s available.

Late Game

Late game is all about leveraging the cleave sầu talent khổng lồ get fully slotted. Assault Cuirass is the goal when it comes khổng lồ items here, followed by Blink Dagger. As mentioned before, Blink Dagger synergizes supremely with Reality Rift, và can be used to cthất bại games out with a swift kill

After Blinks Dagger, we recommend getting an Aghanim’s Scepter, which will facilitate high ground sieges. Having full-powered illusions of your teammates should not be underestimated. The additional stats are also welcome, given Chaos Knight’s mana issues.

The Magic of Chaos

Contrary to his overall game plan, Chaos Knight’s skill and talent progression are both quite clear-cut. Get value points in each of your abilities, with Chaos Bolt going first. Max out Chaos Strike from there, and get Phantasm as soon as it’s available. Max out Reality Rift, then Chaos Bolt. Simple.

Recommended Chaos Knight Build

Our recommended skill and talent build is as follows:

Chaos BoltChaos StrikeReality RiftChaos StrikeChaos StrikePhantasmChaos StrikeMax out Reality RiftChaos BoltPhantasmMax out Chaos BoltLevel 15 Talent: 35% CleaveLevel 10 Talent: +5 All StatsPhantasmLevel 20 Talent: Reality Rift Pierces ImmunityLevel 25 Talent: +10% Chaos Strike Chance

Alternative Anarchy

It’s worth noting that Chaos Knight can also be played from the offlane, leveraging his good laning in order to lớn keep the enemy carry in kiểm tra. The only difference between carry và offlane, in this case, is that Blink Dagger should be purchased right after Armlet, followed immediately by Aghanim’s Scepter. This allows Chaos Knight khổng lồ create space on the bản đồ by joining the midlaner for ganks. If you are snowballing hard from the offlane though, you can opt lớn continue with the standard thành quả build as outlined earlier in this guide.

If your team needs a fast space creator, consider putting Chaos Knight in the offlane. Nessaj doesn’t suck up that much farm on his own either, which leaves a lot left over for your actual carry.